Looking for RiskGrid Support?

Riskgrid is committed to providing users with outstanding customer care and training.   We can provide training at your site or online support via Webex to review client reports or data issues. Once the initial training is complete, a trainer can visit your site at conveniently scheduled intervals to train new hires, introduce users to new functionality, or just to answer questions.

For day-to-day user queries, you can contact Riskgrid’s Customer Service Center. Our experinced in-house staff are comprised of financial engineers and data analyst experts who fully understand the risk market and the underlying analytics in our products.

You will find the online support for Riskgrid to be very comprehensive. Riskgrid has its own online help system built into the RiskGrid application. In addition, RiskGrid has its own FAQ page, with links to the online help and other useful tips.

Join the Conversation

You can send us comments, feature requests, suggestions and bug reports to the Riskgrid Community site. There’s a very active and helpful community there. Once you register for RiskGrid, you will automatically be registered for our online message board.

Problems, Questions

Feel free to email us with questions or issues you are having. If you’d like to talk in real-time, you can also contact us by phone or Skype. Please read our “Contact Us” link to do so.

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