Riskgrid provides a variety of services that support our cloud based risk management solutions. The following professional services are available:

Consulting Services

Riskgrid’s unique cloud model of delivery means that you don’t have to spend time or money on a long integration projects and model validation. Most likely, the only services that you will need help with is uploading custom position data into RiskGrid or configuring reporting settings. To that end, we provide both report configuration services, and portfolio data mappings services.

Report Configuration Services

Riskgrid provides consulting services to help setup accounts, import client data, prototype sample reports, and define user report settings.  Each new client account is provided a private and secure FTP folder to upload their position holdings.

Portfolio Data Mapping Services

Once a users account is setup, RiskGrid can help clients map and upload their portfolio data to their FTP folder from their fund administrator, custodian or in-house fund accounting system.  Upon reviewing a clients fund holdings, RiskGrid can help define and automate the creation of the upload files for the portfolio and benchmarks using custom mapping routines for private securities and OTC security types.  RiskGrid can also help define portfolio hierarchy structures mapped to a funds asset classes, strategies or trading books.

Data Validation Services:

Our rigorous processes include data validation and quality checks to help ensure the licensed data stored in RiskGrid is consistent and of acceptable quality. Checks are performed on terms and conditions and pricing data to include, for example, standard logic checks, basic tolerance thresholds defined against statistical variance measures. Prices are also compared to theoretically derived prices and third-party sources for validation.

Routines to validate and fill in missing values associated with illiquid instruments, holidays, or system problems. Missing value routines can also be used to compare vendor prices with theoretical prices or to provide a substitute price when a vendor price fails a validation test. The missing value routines can range from simple interpolation methods to more advanced statistical approaches.

Price synchronisation functions that adjust for time differences between markets. Consistent market data for risk analysis requires not only adjusting for corporate actions, but also capturing market data at a consistent time across different markets. We also provide real-time data loaders that can capture the price of an underlying security at the same time it captures the price of a corresponding derivative security. The time consistency must exist across different trading time zones and between cash markets and derivative markets.

Routines to manage corrections, additions, changes, and deletions of instruments and risk factors that result from day-to-day market events. These events include product expiration, delisted securities, symbol changes, and corrections from data vendors.

Calculation services that include curve generation methods to obtain node points that represent the risk factors. The node points can be computed for a user-specified time range using time series data. The calculation services also compute and store other instrument level calibration data over time, such as implied spreads or implied volatility. In addition to this, regression models are included to compute factor loading (betas) for market risk, asset management, and credit risk applications.

Training & Documentation

Riskgrid and our regional partners, provide online training sessions, and on-site training that is customized to your needs.  RiskGrid has detail online help pages and can provide further documentation on financial engineering specifications, pricing models, scenario models, and risk analytics.  For more information regarding training in your area, contact

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