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RiskGrid: An Industry leading Risk Management Solution for the Asset Management Industry

Low Cost, High Performance Analytics

Avoid expensive software licenses, annual maintenance fees and costly integration work.  With just a few simple steps, clients can register for one of our cost-effective plans, upload their position holdings and generate industry-leading, advance risk reports on their portfolio.

Based on Algorithmics Risk Management Technology

RiskGrid is powered by Algorithmics/IBM risk management technology, one of the industry’s most advance and trusted financial risk management platforms.  Riskgrid utilizes the Algorithmics risk engine and it’s established Mark-to-Future methodology to perform forward-looking simulations on client portfolios across all major risk factors to produce Performance Analysis, Stress-Testing and Value-at-Risk risk reports.

Cloud-based Efficiency, Web Based Delivery

RiskGrid utilizes the industry-leading Amazon EC2 cloud service to host the Algorithmics platform in a cost effective scalable server environment that allows clients to lower costs associated with complex in-house risk solutions.   This environment provides reliable up-times, trusted web security,  and convenient web-based delivery of risk reports.   Clients can deploy this environment as an enterprise solution within a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) connected to their local in-house network or securely access their risk reports from the cloud using a browser on a desktop, tablet or mobile smart phones.

Integrated Data Solution

RiskGrid automates the configuration and mapping of all instrument reference data into the Algorithmics risk management platform using data from leading data vendors.   To upload portfolio holdings containing listed securities, clients only need to provide standardized identifiers such as exchange tickers, CUSIP, ISIN or SEDOL ids.  RiskGrid also supports over-the-counter (OTC) instrument types by allowing clients to input OTC terms and condition data in a standardized format.   RiskGrid data solution includes a market data server which stores the underlying risk factors associated with all major asset classes including equities, fixed income, commodities and derivative instrument types.

Integrated Fund Holdings from Thomson Reuters Lipper

RiskGrid provides preloaded peer-groups of funds from Thomson Reuters Lipper based on quarterly net inflows and ETF trading values.   This allows users to compare the risk analytics of their portfolio with top Lipper mutual funds and ETF.  Stress testing comparisons can be made using isolated risk factors on interest rates, equity indices or foreign exchange rates; or fund performance can be observed on combined risk factors using VaR based rankings.  RiskGrid also provides relative risk and performance attribution against benchmarks which can be proxied with ETFs holdings from Lipper.

Why RiskGrid is the right solution for you

In the past, advance financial risk management solutions have only been accessible to the largest and most sophisticated financial institutions – the cost of purchasing, integrating and maintaining a high performance risk management system was not practical for small asset managers, financial advisors, and wealth managers.

RiskGrid is the first financial risk management solution that allows end-users to analyze and manage risk with a high-performance solution using a cost-effective cloud-based service.  RiskGrid requires no implementation costs, no in-house server costs, no third-party data costs, and no ongoing cost of operation making RiskGrid a full service, low-cost way to manage portfolio Risk.

RiskGrid Features

  • Accurate and comprehensive risk analytics that measure market risks through a consistent, integrated view of a firm’s overall risk profile, regardless of the organizational structure or the types of instruments traded. RiskGrid advanced analytics cover both traditional assets and derivatives.
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use, and customizable web-based user interface supports simple and complex instruments using the same framework that can scale to support as many users, portfolios and hierarchies you require.
  • Ability to easily identify a portfolio’s most significant sources of risk and expected return.
  • Analyze how potential trades impact the ex-ante risk-return trade-off and how trades impact risk-budgeting limits set by Risk Managers.
  • Ability to integrate your in-house data. • Support for end-of-day risk analysis and intraday risk decision-making. • Suitable for front and middle office environments.
  • User-friendly reporting framework based on XML standards.
  • Ability to benchmark against in-house risk measures.
  • Three deployment options: completely outsourced service via a public or private cloud,  a client-hosted version, or a combination of the two – a managed service option.

RiskGrid Benefits

  • Reduce deployment time and maintenance costs through RiskGrid’s multiple integrated data sources, a cloud-based infrastructure, and standard configurations of the risk analytics engine.
  • Supports agile scaling to incorporate new risk management tools, business divisions, geographical areas, instruments, methodologies, and investment innovations as they evolve, without the need to reinvest in costly new systems.
  • Communicates risk information across the entire firm, alleviating the information gap that exists between the front and middle office.
  • Ensures that portfolio managers, risk managers and senior management all measure, manage, and control risk and return consistently, using comprehensive reporting tools combined with scenario analysis.
  • Establishes a single, consistent standard for advanced risk analysis to help consolidate the efforts to beat benchmarks and retain business across the firm.
  • Enables efficient communication of investment guidelines and strategies.
  • Restricts data access and functionality depending on role (for example, administrators, risk managers, portfolio managers, clients and others), using integrated registration and entitlement system.
  • Computes risk consistently across multiple investment categories, ranging from equities to fixed income to over-the-counter derivatives, to private placements and more, using risk analytics that you define.
  • Ensures that guarantees provided to investors in marketing material are duly justified by appropriate analysis (for example, when a manager stipulates that tracking error estimates will fall within a specific range).
  • Facilitates oversight of external funds, identification of “strategy drift”, and communication of risk management policies at all levels.

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