RiskGrid Custom

$1,000.00 / month


• Upload your own portfolio
• Upload listed instruments
• Upload OTC instruments
• Upload What-If portfolios
• Define your own peer-groups
• Define your own scenarios
• Incorporate your own data
• Deploy in a private cloud
• 24/7 support with SLA



Contract RiskGrid about a customized solution.   RiskGrid is powered by a scalable and modular risk platform from Algorithmics which can be configured to support:

  • User defined pricing models or third-party model integration
  • User defined reference data, aggregation keys, pricing data, or benchmarks
  • Customized curves models, risk factors or scenarios sets (single or multi-step)
  • Additional risk metrics such as monte-carlo and parametric VaR at different confidence levels
  • Dynamic trading strategies and reinvestment rules
  • Scenario Optimization and portfolio replication
  • Deploy in Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environments connected to local networks


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