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The RiskGrid Risk Management platform is powered by Algorithmics™ software, the leading vendor in enterprise risk management. Algo technology is based on the Mark-to-Future (MtF) methodology, a forward looking, scenario based framework.


Powered by Algorithmics™AlgoSuite Technology

The Mark-to-Future (MtF) simulation engine inside Algo Suite is the most advanced analytic risk engine available in the market today. It provides a complete set of methodologies to simulate, measure, restructure and manage both market and credit risk. With extensive instrument coverage and a flexible and extensible design, it is the world’s leading engine for enterprise risk management.

Easily Scales to Handle Large Portfolios

Furthermore, MtF has a distributive nature and allows multiple simulation engines to be run simultaneously. This separates the computationally intensive task of pricing securities across scenario and time from the comparatively simple function of extracting the significant summary statistics. The ability to distribute intensive computations over an unlimited number of simulation engines across the entire network enables Algo Suite to tackle even the largest portfolios.

Cloud-based Platform Can Spin Up Servers on Demand

Our cloud based servers take advantage of this multiple simulation engine to produce computationally intensive risk analysis using virtualized servers that exist in the cloud. The number of servers required to produce the analysis is automatically scaled by our cloud based management tools.

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